My Local Priorities for Westminster North

I am delighted to have been selected as Theresa May's local Conservative candidate for Westminster North in the General Election on Thursday 8th June.

Having lived, worked and raised a family in Westminster North for over 35 years, and having been a Westminster City Councillor for the past decade, I want to become your MP so that I can represent the views of all of us living and working in this area to the government. My local priorities are:

Affordable Housing

Creating fair opportunity for hard-working local residents to live in proximity to their work, to protect our local communities

Business Rates

I will continue my campaign to support local shops and local firms against the impact of unsustainable overheads.


I will fight to maintain Westminster's excellent record on good and outstanding local schools.

Clean & Safe Streets

Local people are used to clean, safe streets and value for money in Westminster. I will continue to work hard with colleagues at City Hall to maintain our excellent standards and deliver on these priorities.

Representation in the Brexit Negotiations

In the June referendum, I voted for Britain to remain in the EU. However, I am a democrat first, and a remainer second, and accept the will of the country on this matter. This election is not re-run of the referendum: we are leaving the European Union. What the country needs now is the strong and stable leadership of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, who can work in the national interest to deliver the best deal for Britain.

I will work as part of Theresa May’s team to ensure that Westminster North is properly represented in the negotiation process, rather than scrabbling in a coalition of chaos under Jeremy Corbyn .


If you'd like more information about my campaign, please email me at or complete the form on the 'Contact' tab of this website.