My Plan

  • Affordable Housing

    I will work with the Government and City Hall to deliver more affordable homes for the people of Westminster North, making a real difference in our area. I want to create fair opportunity for hard-working local residents to live in proximity to their work, to protect our local communities.

  • Supporting Local Businesses & Jobs

    I will continue my campaign to support local shops and local firms against the impact of unsustainable overheads. I will work with the Government and City Hall to back local businesses to create jobs and ensure sustainable business rates in our area.

  • Good & Outstanding Education

    I will fight to maintain Westminster's excellent record on good and outstanding local schools, and I will work to ensure more good and outstanding school places for our children.

  • Clean & Safe Streets

    Local people are used to clean, safe streets and value for money in Westminster. I will continue to work hard with colleagues at City Hall to maintain our excellent standards and deliver on these priorities.

  • Representation in the Brexit Negotiations

    I will work with the Prime Minister, her team, and Conservative colleagues in government to represent your views, make your voice heard, and work tirelessly to get the best deal possible for all of us living and working in Westminster North.